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    N10/+ Root Guide


    This guide will help you take your virgin N10 phone to a fully rooted phone.

    It is highly recommended that you use an external SD card for this process as the steps has you formatting the internal data a couple of times, so having this on an external SD will keep this all intact.

    Also note that MTP to your phone via a PC can get varied results, hence why again using an SD card is recommended as with an adaptor you can plug this straight into your PC and into phone when needed.

    --Download Latest Official Firmware (PC)--

    ·         On PC Download Samfirm from the following Please login to see this link.

    ·         Extract the zip and run samfirm.exe

    ·         Enter your model and Region (I.E Model=N975F, Region=BTU)

    ·         Tick ‘Auto’

    ·         Click Check Update

    ·         It should show you the latest firmware version

    ·         Click Download

    ·         Firmware will download and decrypt (if Decrypt automatically was ticked)

    ·         Default download location (My Documents)

    --Download ODIN 3.13.1 (PC)--

    ·         Go Please login to see this link. and download the latest version of ODIN

    --Unlock Bootloader--

    ·         Enable developer Settings

    (Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Tap build number 7 times (Enter your device pin)

    ·         Go into Developer option and enable ‘OEM Unlocking’ (Enter Device Pin)

    ·         WARNING MESSAGE: Click turn on

    ·         Power of your phone

    ·         Hold Bixby + Volume Down and plug in your phone to your PC

    Download mode should now be shown

    ·         Hold Volume Up, you’ll get a warning message, then press volume up to accept.

    ·         This will now wipe your data and automatically reboot

    ·         Boot the phone

    ·         Go through initial set-up but skip everything for now

    ·         Enable developer mode again and OEM unlocking (or should be enabled and greyed out)

    ·         You are now done, and your bootloader will now allow ‘Unofficial Images’

    --Download Latest TWRP (Phone)--

    ·         On your phone Download the latest TWRP image for your model to the phones external SD card from Please login to see this link.

    ·         We will need this later….

    --Patch Firmware & TWRP File--

    ·         On your PC extract the firmware files (AP, BL, CP and HOME_CSC)

    ·         Copy the AP file to your SD card and enter SD card in your phone

    ·         On your phone download the latest Magisk Manager APK from Please login to see this link.

    ·         Install the app.

    ·         You may need to allow to “Install Unknow Apps” for chrome

    1.       Load up Magisk Manager on your phone

    2.       Next to ‘Magisk is not installed.” Click Install

    3.       Click Install on the pop up

    4.       Click ‘Select and Patch a File’

    5.       Select the AP file you copied across to your external SD

    6.       Magisk will now patch the AP file

    7.       A file called magisk_pached.tar will be created

    ·         Repeat steps 2-4 but this time for the TWRP image file you downloaded earlier to your external SD.

    ·         At the end of this process you should have two files

    magisk_patched.tar and magisk_patched.img

    ·         One is a Magisk patched version of TWRP (.IMG) and the other is a Magisk patched version of stock rom (.TAR)

    --Rename and repackage--

    ·         Remove the SD card from your phone and plug into PC

    ·         Copy the above files from the SD to you PC

    magisk_patched.tar & magisk_patched.img

    ·         Rename the file magisk_patched.img to recovery.img

    ·         Open the file magisk_patched.tar using a zip tool (I.E 7Zip) inside the archive remove the existing recovery.img and replace with the new patched recovery.img you made above

    --Download Multi-disabler (Phone)--

    ·         On your phone download multi disabler from Please login to see this link.

    ·         Ensure this is on your External SD card

    --Flash Patched File--

    ·         Turn off your phone and boot into download mode (Hold Power + Bixby + Plug in USB)

    ·         Press volume up to enter download mode

    ·         On PC load up Odin

    ·         Using the patched file and other files you extracted earlier place the following files in the following location

    AP = magisk_patched.tar (Created above with custom patched recovery.img inside)

    BL = BL_XXXXXXX (Extracted from original firmware file)

    CP = CP_XXXXX (Extracted from original firmware file)

    CSC = HOME_CSC_XXXXXX (Extracted for original firmware file)

    ·         Under the options tab ensure ‘AUTO REBOOT’ is not ticked

    ·         Click Start – This should take 5 – 10mins to complete.

    --Full Data Wipe--


    ·         Your phone should still be in Download Mode

    ·         Review the next few steps to familiarise yourself with the button combinations

    ·         Press Power + Volume Down for a few seconds to exit download mode


    HOLD Power + Bixby + Volume Up


    ·         If TWRP runs a script and then reboots, immediately hold the same buttons again to get back into TWRP

    --Multidisabler and Date Wipe--

    ·         Click Install and select the you downloaded earlier – DO NOT REBOOT

    ·         Back to main menu in TWRP select WIPE>FORMAT DATA and TYPE YES, CLICK TICK BUTTON


    ·         Back to menu of TWRP select WIPE and swipe to do a Factory Reset (Data,Cache and Dalvik wipe) **WHEN COMPLETE DO NOT REBOOT**

    ·         Back to main menu, Click Reboot, and Choose Recovery (Don’t hold any Buttons)

    ·         The system will start booting (and will automatically reboot the first time)

    ·         When booted, complete the initial set-up (Internet Connection is required), If you are going to custom rom, then you can skip logging into your account.

    ·         Open Magisk (if it’s not in your app draw then manually install)

    ·         Complete the steps required by Magisk


    Originally this guide was maded by Alan Thomas.



    -Rom works only on N10 N10+ S10 and S10+!


    4.1 (20.10.2019) (First Public Release)

    - Fixed Secure Storage
    - Fixed Reboot Rooted Button
    - Added a full N10 Source Based kernel for S10/S10+
    - Removed some Rom Controll Options (forgot to remove it)

    4.0 (10.10.2019) (First Tester Release)

    - Rebased to ASJ2 with October Patches
    - Added More Rom Controll mods
    - Added Back S10/S10+ Support

    3.1 (29.09.2019) (Never Released)

    - Rebased to ASH5

    3.0 (23.09.2019) (Never Released)

    - Added Debloat Menu
    - Removed more Useless apps (if you dont find some apps they are in the store)
    - Rebased to ASHE
    - Added Rom Controll
    - Removed S10/S10+ support

    V2.0 (20.08.2019) (Never Released)

    -Fixed Camera on S10 and S10+
    -Fixed Audio on S10 and S10+
    -Fixed Boot with stock Kernel
    -Fixed Rootfs issues with Magisk 19.4
    -Added Note 10 and 10+ Support (untested since i still dont have twrp on it)
    -And more under the hood stuff that i dont have now in mind

    1.0 (18.08.2019) (Never Released)

    -First Internal Build


    GDRIVE:Please login to see this link.

    My Synology NAS:Please login to see this link.


    NEMESIS N10+ ROM V2 is the world first N10 port for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ and at the same time the first rom for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

    You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts, propriate Apps or what ever of this Rom without my permission!

    Reshare on xda is forbidden! so if someone reshares the rom or a kang of that rom on xda i have the right to get the thread on xda closed since rule 12 dont applys on my own page for xda!

    The only thing you can make is redirect to this thread on xda and nothing other!


    Rom Feature:

    - Rom can be installed only with my TWRP and not with other one since busybox support in twrp its needed!

    - Full N10 Ports (apps, Frameworks, priv-app and even libs!)

    - All Note 10 Features except spen support (for the S10/S10+)

    - Full N10 Source Based Kernel (S10/S10+)

    - Added some Q Beta Apps and Animations

    - Rom Controll with enought features


    1) Put the zip file in your SD Card

    2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (TWRP)

    3) Install the Rom

    4) Reboot and enjoy



    -no bugs known

    Samsung for the N10 Firmware before N10 is even for sale......

    Download Links and Changelog on second post


    -Personaly Tested Only on G965F and N960F


    MEGA:Please login to see this link.

    AndroidfilehostPlease login to see this link.

    NEMESIS N9 ROM V3 is the world first N9 port for the Galaxy S9 and S9+

    You are NOT allowed to use any part of the tweaks files, scripts, propriate Apps or what ever of this Rom without my permission!

    Rom Feature:

    - Full N9 Ports (apps, Frameworks, priv-app and even libs!)

    - Full Permessive Kernel based on N9 source code with modds

    - Debloat Menu in Aroma

    - Full Odex (for the moment until i finish the rc)

    1) Put the zip file in your SD Card

    2) Reboot in Recovery Mode (TWRP)

    3) Install the Rom

    4) Reboot and enjoy


    -no one on N9 and S9+!

    -for s9 please report!


    @Tkkg1994 for let me use his source as base

    @SoLdieR9312 for his Aroma theme :)

    and samsung for the N9 Firmware before N9 is even for sale......

    Download Links and Changelog on second post